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This is a Multisensory Cradle that grows with the child.

Child is swaying from the beginning in the womb, so the swing movement is a natural and soothing. Cradle was designed to stimulate the development of the child by providing him with various stimulating tactile or visual feedback. My cradle grows with the child and transforms itself into three separate and functional products.

It has a registered community design

The project was consulted with a specialist pediatric neurology, Miss phd. Grażyną Banaszek.

Prototype of the cradle was provided in cooperation with the company DELTIM. Thank You.

Diploma with honors
thesis promoter: prof. Michał Stefanowski

Highlight - "Young to start" Elle Decoration

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The most important features of the cradle:

1. to grow along with the child - the product transforms itself and can be used up to 12 year old child

2. Calm and mutes - thanks to special belts and fabric hanging bassinet provides a natural and soothing movement calming even the most crying baby,

3. develop the movements of the child - the materials used, the possibility of observing the world while on the tummy and in the cradle will affect positively on the development of baby.

4. Folded flat into the pouch

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from 0 to 3 months for the child lying


from 3 months up to when a baby is able to sit.


over 3 year for child that walks

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