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Design to rearrange classroom in the school.

Change in the structure and arrangement of a classroom in a public school  “STO” in Warsaw to increase the involvement of the students and keeping the classroom clean. The project was realized by both children and their parents.

The class was divided into zones of learning, relaxation and creativity. In the area of the blackboard which pupils see during the lesson we hanged clocks and painted soft outlines of the continents. This allows students to focus during the lesson, but also creates an interesting space of knowledge. The space reserved for the student, "sad" once cupboards and drawers, we covered with energetic photos.

The entire class had the opportunity to steer pupil’s energy in a creative way, and allow the teacher to use the class to enhance and strengthen the communication. Therefore, the desks were painted with special paint that could be washed afterwards and which did not restrict children creativity. The walls were painted with magnetic paint to help put on the pupils work and information. One of the walls is the zone of creativity, where you can draw freely and express their emotions.


Color and items of equipment have not been chosen without thought and were supposed to be energetic and interesting. The idea was that students and parents were to actively participate in the project. Children chose the theme of the room and together with their parents did most of the work.

The project was adapted to the latest research for the psychology of learning, in which the space of classroom has a very significant meaning.

Design and framework: Monika Gardaciewicz, Agnieszka Wiczuk, children

Cooperation graphics: Ania Głowala

Execution: a group of Advertis and Parents

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